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Logan Saidla, LMSW

For the past three years my focus has been on delivering evidenced-based family therapy to families within our communities.  Within this time frame, I have worked with families and individuals to alleviate the various stressors that plague our lives on a daily basis. My focus revolves around empowering those I work with using a strength-based focus and addressing the individual's or families' most pressing issues using a collaborative approach.  My clinical experience includes working with individuals and families who may be experiencing: issues related to juvenile delinquency, anxiety, depression, trauma, school-related issues, behavioral problems, problem sexual behaviors, and issues related to family functioning. 

My approach to working with individuals and families revolves around the use of evidence-based practices that have validity in treating individuals or families.  With that, I believe that all individuals and families are unique and that the treatment provided to you and your family must be individualized to fit your needs and have the biggest impact.  Together we will form an environment that supports you and encourages the changes that you most desire to take hold in your life. 


Clinical background:


Anger management

Behavioral issues

Coping skills


Men's Issues


Peer Relationships

Juvenile delinquency system

Sexual Abuse


Teen Violence

Trauma and PTSD

Thinking disorders

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