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Rebecca Layton, Intern
Supervised by Colleen Cachero, LMSW (License#6801089421)


I have the honor of doing my internship here at STACS.  My focus is on working with women, especially those in the helping professions and educational fields, with special emphasis on Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem, Life Transitions, Coping Skills, Stress, Women’s Issues and Infertility.  In my work with teens and young adults, I have a background and focus in ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and School Issues.


In working with others, I use a mix of Mindfullness, Trauma Informed, Feminist and CBT with a heavy emphasis on Strengths Based Therapy.  I’m LGBT Allied, body positivity focused and emphasize empowerment of the individual. 

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My Story

My journey towards working with others has been winding.  I graduated from the University of Michigan without a clear plan and then went back to get my degree in secondary education.  For the past almost two decades, I have taught both in Maryland and Michigan.  This has granted me an inside look at the compassion fatigue that many of those in the caring professions carry with them.  Teaching has also provided years of experience creating relationships and helping teens negotiate paths to becoming a healthier version of themselves.  


As much as teaching makes me happy and I love spending my day with my students, I wish to be able to work with individuals and small groups outside of the systems in place.  Exploring new paths can be intimidating but it is also exciting as I am seeing my own growth and progression towards my goals-some even unexpected - along the way.  This is what I hope to provide for each of my clients as we work together:  a place where it is safe to be both vulnerable and brave as you work towards healing and towards your own goals.  My professional mission is to help each person determine their goals and needs and then build on their strengths to reach them.  This is never a linear process but it is a process by which I can provide an open, safe, and judgment free environment for us to work together.  


Currently, I am completing my MSW-Clinical through Boston University but I do make time to  enjoy learning history and cooking to combine the two into “food history,” my cats, and making art despite my lack of artistic talent.  

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