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Welcome to 2021

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to take an opportunity to introduce myself and welcome you to Strong Therapy and Community Support (STACS) . I am Alan Strong, President and Founder.

First, I am a life-long Michigander, originally from the Muskegon area. I moved to Kalamazoo in 1990 to pursue my education at Western Michigan University (WMU). If you can believe it, I started out as a music major at WMU and even performed in local bars in a heavy metal band. Within a couple of years, I realized that music is critical for my mental health, which led me to reconsider my path. Like many people I took some time to find myself and listened to my inner voice. After thoughtful consideration, I made the decision to change my major. I obtained a Masters in Social Work from WMU and began the exciting path towards helping others with their mental health, which is my passion.

I worked locally at many fine institutions that do incredible work for the community. As I navigated through the system of care, I kept longing for a way to deliver customized services for clients, while embracing technological solutions that increase efficiency for those seeking care. I always felt institutions had too many layers of red tape that kept a therapist away from their true calling of serving the community and helping others. This is where the story of STACS begins!

My business approach is to create an agency that can meet as many of the outpatient needs of the community as possible, with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion. I have recruited therapists from across the United States to find a team that delivers care specialized to the needs of each client. You will find that our therapists approach you in a positive and empowering way that engages your abilities to resolve, find solutions, or manage your specific needs.

My business philosophy is summed up in the STACS tagline, "The building blocks of life begin with you." Let us help you on your journey to find your building blocks.

If you are unsure if seeing a therapist is right for you, please don't hesitate to contact me personally and we can talk about what would be the right direction for you.

Phone# 269.978.8874

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