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Why Outpatient Mental Health Services are Necessary for Young Adults

Did you know that one in four young adults ages 18-24 have a diagnosable mental illness? What's more, 64% of young adults who are no longer attending college report it's because of a mental health-related reason.

Despite these staggering statistics, the mental health of young adults, including college students, often goes unnoticed. We continue to see the needs for mental health treatment for young adults remain unmet.

Keep reading to learn why outpatient mental health services are so crucial for young adults who may be struggling to make their way in this world.

Nearly 70% of mental disorders start before the age of 25. But still, hundreds of young adults remain under-diagnosed and under-treated. Often, poor mental health indicators are overlooked because of a lack of mental health awareness or knowledge and negative stigma surrounding seeking help.

Benefits of Mental Health Outpatient Services

Mental health awareness, diagnosis, and treatment early on in life are key. Here are some advantages of outpatient mental health services.