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How Alcohol Leads to Reduced Mental Wellness

Excessive alcohol consumption has detrimental effects on your overall body wellness. It affects the central nervous system, hindering your ability to perform optimally. An estimated 5.8% of Americans have an alcohol disorder.

Alcohol dependence can ruin your life significantly. It leads to strained relationships, poor judgment, and even death.

Read on to understand the adverse effects of alcohol!

How Does Alcohol Affect Mental Health?

Alcohol can affect the way you think or make decisions. It attacks the central nervous system, altering the normal functioning of your brain. Alcohol use affects your brain in the following ways:

• Reducing the quality of sleep

• Excessive mental exhaustion

• Impaired judgments

• Depression and anxiety

In addition to reducing the quality of sleep (a factor related to depression), alcohol also increases the individual's risk of developing mental illnesses.

How Does Alcohol Affect Physical Health?