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January is Mental Wellness Month

Strong Therapy And Community Support (STACS) dedicates the month of January to promoting mental wellness. During Mental Wellness Month, our team will raise awareness about achieving a positive mental state through therapy and other life-changing strategies, focusing on young adults and parents with teenage children.

2020 has been a tough time for many families, with the implications of COVID-19 having a profound impact on mental health. Research from the CDC reveals that 31 percent of Americans suffered from anxiety or depression symptoms, and 26 percent experienced trauma or stressor-related disorder symptoms, during the pandemic. As we begin a new year, we highlight the importance of individual therapy, group therapy, and counseling for improving mental wellness.

How to Improve Mental Wellness

• Therapy/counseling

• Maintain a healthy lifestyle

• Exercise regularly

• Make healthier food choices

• Set goals for the year

• Nurture your relationships

• Contribute to the community

What are the Benefits of Therapy for Mental Wellness?

It's OK to talk to someone if you feel overwhelmed. Qualified, compassionate therapists in Kalamazoo, MI, will help you develop coping strategies that manage stress, anxiety, and depression for better mental wellness. STACS provides therapy services tailored to your personal needs in a friendly, confidential environment, giving you valuable tools to manage your mental health.

When you talk to one of our experienced therapists, you can:

• Deal with difficult life events more effectively

• Find solutions to problems

• Improve family relationships

• View your life from a new perspective

• Improve your quality of life

Book a Therapist This Mental Wellness Month

STACS welcomes all community members in a COVID-secure environment, with a virtual receptionist who privately alerts your therapist upon your arrival. You can schedule your first appointment and communicate with your therapist through our digital portal. Or call 1-269-978-8874 to learn more about Strong Therapy and Community Support.

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