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7 Signs Your Teen May Need Therapy

Strong mental and emotional health develops from childhood. When negative behavior or emotional problems begin, a parent is sometimes reluctant to seek help until an issue spirals out of control. The earlier a parent confronts a problem, the quicker and more likely a teen will make positive improvement. Receiving therapy for mental wellness can provide several benefits for your teen.

Things such as moodiness and even a certain amount of emotional struggles are normal when navigating childhood and adolescence. It's important, however, to distinguish between normal growing pains and problems that may need professional help. In order to take a proactive approach, watch for signs that your child or teenager may need therapy.

Is Increasingly Worried, Anxious, or Irritable

Occasional sadness, anxiety, or irritability is normal, especially for teenagers that are going through emotional and physical changes. Constant worry or anxiety, especially when there isn't an obvious reason, is not normal. The CDC states that along with therapy, physical activity, sufficient amounts of sleep, and a nutritious diet all play important roles in dealing with anxiety and depression. Even if your teen doesn't express worry or anxiety, there are often subtle signs you shouldn't ignore:

• Increasingly irritable and upset over minor things

• Rarely smiles or laughs

• Often pacing or wringing hands

• Considerable increase or decrease in sleep

• Increasingly isolated from family or friends